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Alexandra Rogushina shares her experience as the country director for Tandläkare utan gränser.

A prerequisite for you to be able to go out as a volunteer with TLUG is that you need to be a member of the organization.

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In many parts of the world, people live in poverty and in a lack of knowledge on important issues. Tandläkare utan gränser works to help these people fight problems related to dentistry and oral health. Developing and improving oral health in the long term takes time and in the long run it is the efforts of each volunteer that lead to the better. Being a volunteer means that you go away and work in some kind of aid project without pay.
Please note that each country has a specific target where each project differs from country to country. The commonality is that all projects are two weeks long, the rest of the time it is our partners who drive the work forward.

Tandläkare utan gränser has projects in Zimbabwe, Etiopien, Tanzania, Filippinerna and Burkina Faso.

As a TLUG volunteer, you must be prepared to work hard and often in primitive conditions. In return, you get a useful and different experience and the opportunity to experience a different culture and get to know new people. You will most likely feel both joy and pride in making a contribution somewhere where it is really needed.
Oral health is not a high priority in developing countries, although a clear connection between oral health and quality of life can be seen. For example, there are documented links between oral health and diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.
With an improved standard of living, the incidence of welfare diseases increases, which in our case is clearly shown in a rapid increase in the incidence of caries in children. Our goal is to raise awareness of the connection between good nutrition, brushing, fluoride and caries/periodontitis, and its effects on our overall health.

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